Case Studies

Feed back

However much we’d like to think we nail it first edit there are always going to be times when things need to change.

Most of them are simple but sometimes, particularly with narrative projects, it happens that things just don’t work as well as they could. Frankly, it’s part of the creative process.

It is natural on those occasions to get feedback where people are trying to fix the problems for us but the truth of the matter is that often the very best feedback is the simplest;

“I lost concentration about 30 seconds in”,

“I couldn’t get the emotion from it that I wanted”

“I missed the message about X”.

That’s not because we aren’t very happy to have thoughts and ideas from clients because, whilst everyone says it, we truly do believe in it being a collaborative process – it’s the entire ethos behind Little Big Fish (behind every Big Fish are a whole load of Little ones making it happen).

However, we also only claim to be experts in one thing – telling stories through film, and because of that we know that many times what appears to be the problem often isn’t. Often the real source is upstream.  It … ahem… feeds back into the earlier part of the film

If you get bored at 30 seconds it might be because we didn’t set up the narrative properly,

If you don’t feel the emotion it might be that we haven’t established our characters well enough or if you missed the message about X we might have bought it in too soon after the fact about Y.

Of course, there is always time to get highly specific about individual moments, shots and audio but we believe it’s not always the best place to start 🙂

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