Case Studies



Live events agency, People Creative, were running the awards ceremony for the 'Abu Dhabi Through Yours Eyes' photography competition. With only the still photographs to work with they wanted to find a way to really bring them alive on screen for the nominations and individual awards.

Property Serve

Property Serve procure, manage and deliver strategic facilities support services to commercial property in the UK - and they needed a video for the Home page of their website that concisely and clearly laid out what they do and how they can help their clients.

Property Serve Video Case study

Technical Women

Our brief was to make a film that encouraged women to take on more technical roles within Shell - particularly within the Middle East. We felt that the best way to do this was to show a range of women that were already living that life and to create a film that felt entirely authentic.


Our brief was to make a film that opened a conference that was promoting environmental awareness in Doha. Key to the theme of the conference was to establish that even the smallest of changes could collectively have a great impact.

The Elevator

As part of a brand refresh for consulting company, Kearney, our brief was to create a film set entirely in a lift. The concept was that that we would see a number of vignettes that demonstrated that at the very the heart of Kearney are its people, and that that is what makes them memorable...

Oman Experience

HSBC commissioned production company Alpha Grid to make a series of films about life enriching experiences - and Nic Cornwall was asked to work on the creative and the direction. This film required us going out in to the middle of the Oman desert to truly disconnect.

Oman Experience case study

Sony PS4 – Gadget Man

The previous year we had written and created one of Sony PS4's most viewed online commercials, with over 500,000 views on You Tube.
Whilst we came up with a number of different approaches the one that struck a note was a continuation of the theme from the previous year - that people often get ridiculous presents but there is one present that will always make them happy.

B&Q Diversity & Inclusion

We love an open brief – we really do – and this was one of those; to create a film about Diversity and Inclusion that would encourage people within B&Q to focus on diversity, commissioned by the Gray Creative Agency, and the freedom to be creative....

Emerging Excellence

This film was created for an event that focused on excellence. With a brief to interview a series of people that had achieved excellence across a number of disciplines from business to sports to the arts, we were keen to create a film that was not just a series of 'talking heads'...


A.T. Kearney

As a global consultancy firm A.T. Kearney needed some films that would form an integral part of their wider recruitment campaign. As leaders in their field they needed to attract the very best talent. However, as a consultancy firm that is...


Agency WRG approached us with the highly creative concept of an event that had a huge head as its centrepiece on stage. There were also some fantastic ideas for the live aspects of the event. Much of the success of the event was that the “theatre”...

ITU case study feature image

Restaurant Associates

In a busy marketplace, Restaurant Associates were re-branding and needed a film to play on the home page of their website that made them stand out from the crowd. Our brief from Craig Thatcher at Frasers agency (now with...

Restaurant Associates feature image