Case Studies


The More Things Change

Without a shadow of a doubt, some things have changed for us - not least in the way that we make many of our videos. However, what fundamentally remains the same is that we still bring highly creative ways of presenting your communications...

Some things change

Genuine Discount

Genuinely, we don't want to make a profit out of your challenges. Right now, as Coronavirus spreads, and many people are isolated or working from home, Video may well be the best way to communicate with colleagues, with customers or with other businesses, whether that’s through an edited video or a webcast.

Size Doesn’t Matter

We all have an obsession with length. All sorts of statistics demonstrate ideal lengths of films, with the perceived wisdom being keeping it 2 minutes or under. Now there is a lot of truth in that but it’s also a very cold way of looking at the films, so whilst it is absolutely a consideration we believe it shouldn’t be an obsession.

Man showing length

Feed back

However much we’d like to think we nail it first edit there are always going to be times when things need to change. Most of them are simple but sometimes, particularly with narrative projects, it happens that things just don’t work as well as they could. Frankly, it’s part of the creative process.

Story Boreds

We find storyboards are often misunderstood. In theory, their purpose is to plot out every shot for the film - or at least key sequences. For large crews they help everyone understand exactly what shot is to be achieved and also how many shots are planned on any particular day.

Sounds Good

With films being shared so much across social media it has become increasingly common for people to watch films on mute with subtitles.
As filmmakers and storytellers we are passionate about how important a soundtrack is to a film and so our initial reaction is one of horror...

Camera Snobs

All the time filmy types can be found huddled in corners talking pixels, bit rates and sensor sizes, drooling over the increasingly bigger numbers and then convincing clients that they must therefore be the very best camera for their film, whatever the price. But that’s really not necessarily true...

Media Training Vs Keeping it Real

We’ve interviewed thousands of people from cleaners to royalty, across the globe and in many different languages. And the one thing that always holds true is, it should feel like a conversation. This is more relevant than ever with modern, astute audiences that can spot a lack of authenticity a mile off.

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New Year Starts Here

New Year Starts Here Little Big Fish will once again be working on the creative for the world class New Year's Celebrations at Dubai's iconic, Burj Khalifa. Last year's show co-ordinated the projections on the tower itself, the fireworks, lasers and fountains, and...

New office at Pinewood

We’ve upgraded the office at Pinewood as things go from strength to strength, building a company that does everything from content films through to features. It’s part of our ethos that we think about each of them in the same way; telling a great story as creatively and engaging as possible and why we love to do them all...

Special Olympics

Working with live experience agency, People, we provided films for the opening and closing ceremonies of these Olympics for those with Special Needs, or as they were called, People of Determination, was a genuine honour and privilege. It was not...


The feature film that we were involved in, SOLO!, is a charming story about a loner who learns the value of community. It is fitting that the way it was made was truly based upon that sense of community from the incredible and patient villagers of Barx, where...